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Retrenchment. Retirement. Dismissal. Contract Expired.

Unemployment Claim Consultation Service

If you become unemployed due to dismissal, contract expired, retrenchment or retirement and have been contributing towards UIF for a minimum of 4 years, you could claim unemployment for up to 365 consecutive days.

Don’t let your UIF go to waste! You only have up to 12 months from date of termination to submit your claim! Contact us today to assist you with getting your claim approved quickly and effortlessly!

How Our Service Works

  1. Complete the Online Registration Form.
  2. Receive an email from us with our banking details.
  3. Make payment of R950 for our service.
  4. Send us the forms which we request from you. We will guide you and advise you step by step to ensure that all the forms are completed properly.
  5. Once you have completed all the forms we will proof read it to ensure that there are no mistakes.
  6. We follow up on your employment history at the DoL and update any outstanding information for the last 4 years ensuring that you receive all credits due to you.
  7. As a free bonus to using our consultation service we will submit your claim through uFiling for you and advise you once your claim is approved.

Do You Have Questions?

Who Can Claim UIF?
If you lose your job, because of dismissal, contract termination by your employer, retrenchment, retirement or voluntary severance package by your employer and have not found another form of employment within 14 days, you may apply within 12 months of becoming unemployed. 

You CANNOT claim if you resigned or absconded.

We are able to assist RSA citizens who have a green barcoded ID.

When Can I Claim?
You are able to claim as soon as your unemployment starts.

You MUST apply within 12 months from the date of unemployment.

Credits start to expire as soon as you become unemployed, and unemployment claims are not backdated to the date of unemployment. Therefore, if you only file a claim for example 1 month later, you will have forfeited the first 30 credits, and so forth.

I Have Changed Jobs In The Last Four Years, How Does This Affect My Claim?
If you have changed jobs in the last 4 years, your previous employer/s will have to complete a UI.19 form, in order for you to receive maximum credits for your UIF benefit.
What Can I Expect To Be Paid?
The UIF benefit is 40% to 60% of your salary (up to a maximum of R17 712 gross p/m) for the first 238 days and then a flat rate of 20% for days 239 to 365.  The UIF takes into consideration your last 6 months average salary.  They also take into account your last 4 years of UIF contributions.

You may claim for up to 365 consecutive days, as long as you have not returned to work and there is funds/credit available for you at The Department of Labour.

How Long Will I Receive Paid Benefits?
You can claim benefits for up to 365 days from date of termination only.

How Long Does It Take For Me To Get Paid?
It takes between 4-8 weeks from the date the application is submitted for the application to be approved and for the first payment to be made.

Please keep in mind that a claim will not be approved should your employment history not be up to date. The employers and salary information for you needs to be up to date for the last 4 years to be able to claim successfully.

Sometimes the whole process takes much longer, be rest assured: DELAY IS NOT DENIAL.

Is My UIF Benefit Tax Deductible?
No, no tax will be deducted from your benefits.
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