Registering for UIFRegistering for UIF Benefits the Nation. While Cecilia dressed up her 7-year-old son for school this morning she reminded him of the importance of education. One day he will be a provider for his family, she told him. After walking her son to school she returns to an empty and quiet home. Her search for work must resume.

Cecilia, with just a Standard 8 education, lost her job as a domestic worker 6 weeks ago. Her employer could no longer afford her services and unfortunately, in the 4 years she’s worked there, she was not registered for UIF and therefore has no means of receiving financial help.

This is one of many similar unfortunate cases in South Africa. The second quarter of 2015 saw South Africa’s unemployment rate reach a whopping 25%. How many of those million people benefit from UIF? Sadly, only a mere fraction receives the benefit.

There is hope. As an employer the change starts with you. Do you have a domestic worker, gardener, driver, child-minder or carer working for you for more than 24 hours a month? If the answer is yes then they need, and deserve, to be registered for UIF with the Department of Labour. The process can be daunting but with the right assistance from UIF Care you and your employee will be successfully registered on the system. UIF Care makes Registering for UIF simple and hassle free. The future is unpredictable but you can make the smart choice and prepare for it by taking the first step by registering for UIF for domestic workers.

Improving the socioeconomic lives of millions is just one aspect of this benefit. UIF benefits employees in additional ways as well. It’s no secret that employees who receive a salary with benefits are more enthusiastic about their work. This is true for minimum wage workers too. Job security and satisfaction has a direct impact on, and is openly evident in, the quality of work your domestic produces.

As an employer, listening to the needs of your employee and providing him or her with appropriate assistance means that you can also foster a stronger bond and sense of loyalty between you two. After all, the value of a loyal employee can never be overstated.

Had Cecilia’s employer known the requirements, registered her and contributed monthly toward the fund, the reality of being unemployed would have been less harsh on her – she would have received a payout for more than 6 months, or until she found a new job to sustain herself and her family.

Investing in the future of your employee means investing in the future of our nation.