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UIF For Domestic Workers South Africa Options & Pricing

Update: uFiling

The uFiling system has been changed as of 1st April. Due to the new changes all income for the last 4 years must be declared/captured/retrieved on the system.

Unfortunately the system cannot calculate penalty and interest and no salaries over 4 years can be declared on system. We therefore must submit all information for the debt letter manually to ensure that your profile is correctly updated and that the necessary penalty and interest is calculated.

Once you have received your debt letter and you choose to make use of uFiling, you need to retrieve all the information submitted and captured manually onto the uFiling system before you can continue to pay your current month onward.

We have now included the system updating into our option 3 and option 4.

Kindly Note: uFiling is not mandatory and you might choose to submit your employees monthly income manually, we therefore offer a debt letter without uFiling (option 2) and debt letter with uFiling (option 3)

Our Information Pack Includes the Following
  • Employment contract
  • Pay Slip Template
  • Payment Options and Details for UIF contributions
  • General Information for Employers
  • Guidelines of Employment
  • Minimum Wage Guidelines
  • Code of Good Practice Regarding HIV and AIDS
  • Code of Good Conduct During Pregnancy
  • Bank Details Form for Employees
  • Attendance Register
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • Leave Form
  • Certificate of Service
  • Written Warning Letter Template
  • Final Letter of Warning Template
  • Employee Leave Tracker
  • Employee yearly timecard

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