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Business UIF Registration

Who Must Register For Business UIF?
All employers who have employees working 24 hours or more in a month.
UIF With SARS VS Department of Labour
If any of your employees earn above R6209 per month you need to register your business for UIF with SARS and not The Department of Labour as PAYE is applicable.
Who Receives the UIF number?
The Employer/Company registers for UIF and receives the UIF number. Employees do not receive their own UIF numbers. The employer then adds the employees onto their UIF number.
How Does Penalties and Arrears Work?
To avoid penalties you need to ensure that you register your business and your employees as soon as they start working for you.

Please note that if you are in arrears, by law you cannot deduct any UIF owing from your employee. You the employer will be liable for both your employees and your UIF contributions for the arrear period as well as any penalty and interest owed. You can only deduct the 1% from your employee from the current month going forward should you not have been making deductions as yet.

Arrears is calculated as follows: they will calculate the 2% UIF owed per month for the period owing, a 10% penalty fee will be charged on the UIF amount owed and there is also interest charged, which is calculated daily by the finance department of the UIF, as there are fluctuations.

How Much Must I Contribute?
The employer needs to contribute 1% of the employee’s salary amount per month from their own pocket and the employee also needs to contribute 1% of their salary amount per month and the 2% needs to be paid over to The Department of Labour every month. This must be done by the 7th of each month e.g. January UIF must be paid by the 7th February to avoid penalties and interest.

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Did You Know? All companies who have at least 1 (one) employee need to register with the Compensation Fund. Let us know if you require our help with a COID registration.