We Have Years Of Experience Guiding Employers Through The Process of UIF For Domestic Workers.

UIF For Domestic Workers – About UIF Care

Do you have a cleaner, au pair, nanny, gardener or a driver to help you on a regular basis? Do they work for more than 24 hours a month for you? Did you know that you need to register your employee for UIF for Domestic Workers? Relax, UIF Care can assist you!


UIF For Domestic Workers – Domestic Worker Employer and Employee UIF Registrations

UIF Care focuses on assisting employers with registering themselves as employers of domestic workers as well as adding their employees onto their profile at the Department of Labour. We also focus on the clients UIF profile as a whole, ensuring that it is up to date and correct so that the employer is fully compliant. We provide the client with all the tools needed to ensure that they remain up to date after making use of our service.


Who Are We?

I started UIF Care after I registered my own domestic employee for UIF. I realised how complicated the process was and after speaking to other employers I realised that they too found the process to be just as difficult and time consuming.

With years of admin experience and a love of helping others, I set out to learn the process and procedures as best I could and assist as many employers as I could, guiding them and explaining UIF to them in a way that was practical and easy to understand. I wanted Employers to do the right thing for their Employees and not put it off, or in some cases, not do it at all due to struggles with the DoL.

I also put together an information pack for my clients which included all the documents and legislative requirements that they would need, saving them hours searching through the internet. I found many employers did not really know what to do once registered and the info pack covers all of that.

We have assisted over 1000 clients to date and I am extremely proud of our 100% success rate and the beautiful testimonials which we have received. I pride myself on good customer service and a fast response time. There is never a case too difficult for us to assist with.

To better assist our past and future clients we also provide other Department of Labour related services such as Business UIF, Compensation Fund Registrations and Unemployment Claim Consultations.

Joanne van Wyk

Owner of UIF Care

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